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Jan Brykczynski


Arnes is an isolated region in Western Fiords in Iceland where I spent an autumn month in 2010. This work was a continuation of my previous 3-year project on a little village in Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. In both cases I was fascinated with rural life, its connection and proximity to the nature. I wanted to examine this intimate and very archetypical relation. I was also interested in portraying a specificity of life in such small isolated community.

There you’ll find a small community of farmers who have 
chosen to farm sheep only. 
The people live off the land, as Icelanders have done for 
hundreds of years. 

Far from bright lights and big cities, people in the Arnes 
region live surrounded by steep mountains and the waves crashing on the shore. 
In the Arnes region 38 people live in 15 homes all year round. 
In the whole area there are more than 2700 sheep. 
Life in Arnes is pretty set, every season has its tasks and chores. 
Everything runs on the everlasting circle of life. 


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Al Qarara, Algeria


Al Qarara, Algeria

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Dune 45 in Namibia Desert

Dune 45 in Namibia Desert

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Never Shout Never!



I’m in trouble, I’m an addict, this song brings up memories I’m gonna fucking cry.

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